In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act

Random facts from a fucked up world 2

In a Stanford study of millionaires, when presented with a) a cockroach and b) a poor person, a shocking 93% had the same chemical reaction.

In 2008 a Wal-Mart employee was killed by a stampede of Black Friday shoppers, the company refused to compensate his family to this day.

Since the inception of the World Bank in 1944, the gap between rich countries and poor countries has increased by 3 fold.

Of the $8.5 billion in diamonds that come out of African, only $450 million actually benefits Africans.

The Walton family is worth $100 billion yet it has given less than 1% of its wealth to charity.

The Caterpillar Company provides Israel with 400 bulldozers each year for the sole purpose of destroying Palestinian homes and lives.

Monsanto has driven 8000 poor farmers into bankruptcy by aggressively enforcing its patents on human food.

The mass media loves labeling humans as consumers; for every usage of the word ‘citizen’ in the media, there are 76 usages of ‘consumer’.

Wall Street commodity traders have succeeded in driving up wheat prices by 100% in the last year, they have also doubled world hunger.

Starbucks coffee farmers would need to work for 3 days before they could afford to buy a cup of their own coffee.

Monsanto has a revenue of over $10.5 billion per year, yet it is currently suing farmers in poor countries who make less than $500 per year.

Imperial Rome spent 15% of its tax revenue on its war machine, the imperial United States spends 54% of its tax revenue on its war machine.

These facts come from the fabulous people at Injustice facts on twitter, please follow them.


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Random facts from a fucked up world

Warren Buffet’s wealth equals the combined wealth of the poorest 130 million Americans.

In 2010 Goldman Sachs bankers received $15.3 billion in bonuses alone, enough to feed every hungry person on the planet.

In 3 McDonald’s stores in California, security guards have been installed to stop poor and homeless people from going through the rubbish bins.

There has not been a war on American soil since the Civil War 1861, yet the U.S. spends $1 trillion every year on military expenditures.

Credit card debt is one of the leading causes of suicide in the Western world, killing approximately 22,000 people each year.

Rupert Murdoch owns 322 media outlets, including newspapers, publishing houses, television stations and radio stations.

Even though Obama was hailed for using the expression ‘Fat Bankers’ his biggest campaign donor was the fattest cat of all, Goldman Sachs.

87% of American consumers have stated that they would be happy with any political system so long as they are able to buy what they want.

87% of executive bankers say that the crisis was caused by the poorest 50% of Americans. (The poorest 50% own only 1% of the US’s assets.)

The average billionaire uses more fuel for his yachts and private planes than the combined usage of an entire African village for a year.

Its a mad mad mad mad world……

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Check out this short film I made about the occupy movement set to Bob Marley’s ‘Stand up for your rights”

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Thoughts on the #occupy movement

On 18 December 2010 in Tunisia, a young man so tired of the unjust treatment he and his family suffered at the hands of the state made the ultimate sacrifice and gave his life by an act of self-immolation to make his protest heard. This one act of protest is largely credited as being the birth of the ‘Arab spring’.

The so-called ‘Arab spring’ suited the West’s agenda very nicely at first, on the surface it seemed to imply that the Middle East wanted western style democracy and free market trade. The rhetoric that poured from Obama’s and Clinton’s mouth was both prolific and self satisfying. They didn’t waste a second condemning those Governments that suppressed peaceful protest and demonstrations with violence US and UK international policy positively salivated with at the Machiavellian options opening up to it.

Fast-forward 10 months and the rhetoric of the western leaders has been set to mute. It appears it wasn’t just an ‘Arab spring’ it was in fact a world movement of people sick and tired of being manipulated by the very governments they elected (democratically – and if you believe that, father Christmas will be dropping down your chimney very soon with your Christmas prezzies) seeing corrupt and unjust banking systems being supported by the governments and paid for by the people, a world tired of their civil liberties and dignity being atrophied at every turn under the fabricated guise of anti-terrorism.

Now the propaganda machine of the West is in full flow as our governments and their PR mechanism the press try to ensure that the #occupy and #wearethe99% movements are not linked with the Arab spring, are discredited to the middle classes and the issues they are protesting are mostly ignored. Heaven forbid that what started out so promising for the West should now turn around and bite the hand that feeds them.

So we see the media skillfully avoid the mention of what people are protesting against, instead focusing on the facts that some of the protesters seem to have their own agendas (No! Really?) Some of them smoke marijuana (ahem) some go home to their nice cozy beds at night and don’t actually sleep in their tents at all and the fact some of the female protestors are cute.

The most violent acts perpetrated against the peaceful protestors only make main stream news after they have gone viral on YouTube, public figures who criticize and ridicule the movement get full media coverage (last week the smug bastard Ian Hislop derided the movement to sell his new TV programme and got front page coverage because of it).

So, what can we do to fight back? It is said that blogs are the graffiti walls of the Internet. Have your say, let everyone know what you think, re-post videos and articles and support the movement anyway you can.

I for one will not let the bastards beat us.

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Remembrance Sunday

On this poignant day of remembrance Sunday our thoughts are with many of the fallen who have died over the decades for our Country, I was thinking about the wars that have claimed the lives of many of these brave young men and women and what causes those wars were fought for.

WW2 was fought against a man that wished to control the world; if he had been successful we would now be living in a country where the state aimed to control our lives, our actions and our beliefs.

If one of those soldiers who lost their life fighting for freedom of speech we able to come back today in 2011 and look at the ways governments tried to control the information we receive from every angle, to restrict our access to information they do not want us to see and put a spin of every piece of information we do get to see, I wonder if that soldier would think WW2 may have been fought for nothing?

There is a serious battle being waged by the governments of the world against the Internet and more importantly, how freely available information which is critical of them can be easily shared. You only need look at the open pursuit of Julian Assange who has now been detained under house arrest for nearly 350 days and has yet not been charged with any crime, in effect for daring to leak information that showed the US in a bad light.

Following a recent call from the sinister Homeland Security to form partnerships with hotels to recruit citizen spies in the US, the Sheraton group of hotels has blocked access to websites critical of the US like InfoWars, ActivistPost & FederalJack. These were blocked by the chain to ‘protect against today’s most damaging Internet threats’, (don’t worry though you can still get hard core pornography on their hotel cable TV).

Following Senator Joe Lieberman’s Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act, Obama now has the right to an Internet ‘kill switch’ meaning he can shut down the Internet for up to four months without Congressional oversight. Soon when the US invades the opulently oil rich Iran, it can feel safe knowing if there is a huge public outcry it can simply switch off our information outlet until the storm has blown over.

The governments of the West by and large have already won this same war on mainstream media. We were led vociferously by our broad sheets and tabloids into a ‘war’ with Iraq based on fabricated evidence, there were few dissenting journalistic voices heard as the state ‘spun’ us into the war (the UK government spends more on PR than any other company in the UK including Saatchi & Saatchi).  It is fair to say that many of today’s main stream journalists have been relegated to nothing more than stenographers.

The same cannot be said about the journalists and bloggers of the internet.  They are more than happy to voice their opinions, to criticize what they disagree with and openly share informations that contradicts the official version of events.  This intellectual wild wild west makes the internet the last frontier for freedom of speech and the state clearly aims to tame it by taking control of what we see, what we read and how we connect with each other.

Our government is supposed to be democratically elected to carry out the collective will of the people NOT to control us and keep us passively obedient by misinformation and propaganda.  What will our role be in the state battle against freedom of speech? Are we just going to let them get away with it? It is time to marshal that ‘Dunkirk’ spirit and fight for freedom of speech on our own desktops, iPods and laptops. In the 30s many brave men and women saw the future under a despot and decided the cause fighting for freedom of speech was a cause worth giving their lives for, let us make sure that they did not die in vain.

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. George Orwell

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Random acts of apathy

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